Which sites of the vagina prolapse

Just over 80% of women complaining of prolapse will have a cystocele alone or in combination with other sites, involved in the prolapse. Rectocele (rectum prolapsing through the vagina) is seen alone or in combination in approximately 40% of cases. The top of the vagina (vault or cervix) accounts for 32% of patients complaining of prolapse.



Urterine Prolapse

The pelvic floor muscles form a sling at the base of the pelvis surrounding the rectum, vagina and bladder. These muscles are unusual in the body in that they are contracted all the time. They function to support and close the organs passing through them (ie bladder, rectum and vagina), are important in supporting the vagina in the correct position and controlling urinary and bowel function. The only time these muscles relax is during voiding, defecation, childbirth and coitus.